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Meet Our Team: The Keto Friendly Shop Family

Meet Our Team: The Keto Friendly Shop Family

Keto Friendly Shop

Our Founder: Irina Ursu: Irina is our brand superhero - starting the site from scratch - in the UK, whilst hailing from Romania. Irina sourced all kinds of low carb and keto products from around the world - including the iconic Linea6 items from Italy (since she speaks Italian after living there). Ready to move on to her next project Irina looked to sell Keto Friendly Shop to team of people who believed in her mission to make low carb living as delicious and sustainable as possible.

James Keto Friendly Shop

The Current Owners: James Nicolian: A true ambassador for Keto, after James shed 8 stone from living the Keto Lifestyle, James has been proud to takeover the Keto Friendly Shop helm from Irina. Whilst he's sometimes faltered along the way during his Keto Journey, due to numerous health struggles, James is a committed believer in the low carb and low sugar lifestyle, and the benefits of clean eating. After testing many of the low carb food products as a committed chef who cooks most days, James is a great person to ask advice on ingredients, recipes and meal plans.

Keto Diet UK

Kate O'Neil: After growing up in a "chubby" household which was very much part of the low fat, "hip and thigh" diet mantra, meeting James who was doing "Keto" was completely alien to Kate. Once James explained the Keto thinking - and recruited her into the diet plan - where her parents said "You can't possibly be munching on Pork Scratchings and expect to lose weight"...well Kate did lose weight.. (All be it scuppered due to being hospitalised from a hernia operation) - and her originally synical parents eventually saw the benefits that James and Kate got from the diet, adopting it themselves and losing over 3 stone each. 

Zoe Cunliffe: Having worked with Kate & James in the events & the drinks industryZoe Low Carb Bloggerfor longer than they all are keen to remember... Zoe has been happy to be recruited into the Keto Friendly Shop team. Approaching her next big birthday (50 - shh) but looking 40 (that's what Kate and James have put in this blog afterall) has been attributed to her low sugar lifestyle. Whilst not being completely keto, Zoe avoids refined sugar, and instead chooses sweetened alternatives, as well as low carb swaps like konjac noodles and nut flours.

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