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Chocolate Orange KETOnuts Box of 6

Chocolate Orange KETOnuts Box of 6

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Everyone’s favourite flavour duo and the perfect decadent treat. If only it were refined sugar-free and we could enjoy it without limitation. Well, allow us to introduce you to the Chokolate Orange KETOnut. The velvety dark chokolate and orange zest sauce topping makes this flavour both lightly sweet and zesty, with deep and rich notes, sending you to a keto-friendly paradise that proves you can have your cake and eat it too!

Nutritional Information

(per KETOnut): 239 Kcal, 22.7g fat, 7.6g protein, 1.4g carbs (0.9g of which sugars)

Ingredients: Almond Flour, Eggs, Erythritol, Hazelnut Milk (Water*, Hazelnut 4.5%, Salt*), Cacao Butter, Coconut Oil, Cacao Powder, Cream of Tartar*, Bicarbonate of Soda*, Orange Zest

Underlined = Allergen. *=Non-organic ingredient

This product is a Soil Association certified organic product

These KETOnuts contain the following allergens: NUTS, EGGS

They are gluten-free, refined sugar-free, dairy-free, keto, diabetic & coeliac friendly.

We have a 7-day long shelf life from the day we're baked. You can also freeze us for up to 2-months in an airtight container. 

Pro tip: Gently warm us before consuming, for that fresh out of the bakery experience