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Double Chocolate Chip bites 36g

Double Chocolate Chip bites 36g

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Some days you just need full on chocolate!  Made with the very finest cocoa and our own bespoke, luxurious dark chocolate chips, these lux, low carb, keto-friendly bites will really satisfy those chocolate cravings without all the sugar (and none of the junk!).

Ingredients: Cashews, dark chocolate chips (18%) (81% Madagascan cocoa mass, coconut sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla extract), cocoa butter, cocoa powder, chicory fibre, coconut sugar, coconut flour, Himalayan salt, vanilla extract, antioxidant: vitamin E

Calories 172 486
Fat 15 44
Saturated 5.5 16
Trans fats 0 0
Carbs 9.1 26
Net Carbs 5.9 16
Sugars 3.5 10
Fibre 3.4 9.7
Protein 4.7 13
Salt 0.2 0.6