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Good Dee's  Lemon Muffin Mix 228g
Good Dee's  Lemon Muffin Mix 228g
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Good Dee's Lemon Muffin Mix 228g

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  • Zero Maltitol
  • Easy to Make

*not a low calorie food. See nutrition facts panel.

DELECTABLE LEMON MUFFIN & CAKE MIX: Good Dee’s Lemon Muffin and Cake mix make for a zesty treat for any time of day! Have the delicious treat of a lemon muffin with a slab of sugar free jam, without added sugar* or gluten. The versatility of this baking mix allows you to customize it for any special diet, taste, or occasion so you can get creative. Light, fluffy and moist with a subtle citrus zing, enjoy Good Dee’s sugar free, low carb lemon muffins all year round with no need for a traditional mix.

KETO-FRIENDLY & LOW CARB BAKING MIX: Made with almond flour and real lemon powder, this cake mix is naturally gluten free. We use real lemon powder with nothing added or artificial. This is a perfect gluten and sugar free option for any health-conscious dieter. Good Dee’s Lemon Muffin Mix is so tasty that it more than satisfies cravings and you feel good eating a muffin with no added sugar or unhealthy ingredients. A snack or dessert everyone can enjoy, you can add Good Dee’s frosting on top.

FREE OF GLUTEN, GRAINS, & DAIRY: Good Dee’s Lemon Muffin Mix is full of healthy fiber and is made with high quality gluten free, grain free, dairy free, and yes, shame free ingredients so you can end each day feeling great about your food choices. Keto lemon muffins and cakes do not compromise taste or quality. These muffins are not only a healthier way to hit that lemon spot, they make for a splendid treat on occasions, and our cakes are sweet enough to be that special treat!

QUICK & EASY TO PREPARE & ENJOY: With Good Dee’s low carb baking mix, you are just minutes away from biting into warm, melt-in-your mouth muffins that won’t wreck your health goals. Good Dee’s Lemon Cake Mix is 2g net carb per serving, no added sugar* and easy to make. Customize this to your liking and serve as a light dessert or alongside your morning coffee. The lemon muffin and cakes will replace the longing for those spring parties filled with sugar. Our lemon muffins and cake are delicious!


This version of our cake mix was made with you in mind. It’s as close to traditional, it might even be better. It’s better for you and that’s a fact! The soft and subtle sweetness is great for any occasion or gathering. Whether you are trying to cut carbs, joining weight watchers, trying a ketogenic lifestyle or just being health conscious this mix will help you achieve your goals.

Important information:

Made with Almond Flour

Ingredients: Almond Flour, Erythritol, Baking Powder, Lemon Powder, Stevia Extract, Salt.