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KETOnuts Box of 6 | The Savoury One

KETOnuts Box of 6 | The Savoury One

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Savoury more your vibe? We have something for you. Our savoury KETOnut is the perfect bread or bagel alternative, suited to almost every diet. Whether you are looking to mix it with a salad, sandwich a burger, or just snack on a few straight out of the box, you've found the right choice. Savoury KETOnuts are loaded with our signature blend of herby, cheesy flavours with a touch of salty spiciness. One bite and you'll never look back.

Nutritional info per KETOnut


Nutritional Info

(per KETOnut): 293 Kcal, 24g fat, 15g protein, 2.8g carbs (1.6g of which sugars)


Mozzarella (milk)*, Almond Flour (nuts), Cream Cheese (milk)*, Egg, Psyllium Husk, Cream of Tatar*, Bicarbonate Soda*, Black Pepper, Paprika*, Sesame Seeds* (sesame), Poppy Seeds*

These KETOnuts contain the following allergens: NUTS, EGGS, MILK, SESAME.

They are gluten-free, refined sugar-free, keto, diabetic & coeliac friendly.

We have a 5-day long shelf life from the day we're baked. You can also freeze us for up to 2-months in an airtight container.