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Linea6 Cookie & Cake Low Carb Mix 500g

Linea6 Cookie & Cake Low Carb Mix 500g

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Our cookie/cake mix is ​​the ultimate revolution!

Crumbly, very sweet and definitely fit: 100g contains only 1.5 g of carbohydrates, which is excellent for a very light breakfast or a special snack, made by yourself!


INGREDIENTS: Resistant tapioca starch (44%), Wheat gluten (10%), stevia, vegetable fiber, salt, leavening agent: Disodium diphosphate, sodium bicarbonate; anti-caking agent: E551; aroma.

 Average nutritional value per 100 g:

Energy value: 1432 Kj / 341 Kcal

Fats 15,4g

of which saturated 14.9g

Carbohydrates 20.5g

of which sugars 0,4g

of which polyols 19g

Protein 22.8g

54g fiber

Salt 2g