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Sunrise Instant Coffee 16 sticks

Sunrise Instant Coffee 16 sticks

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Stick Beverages Coffee is made up of 100% Green Coffee Seeds from Brazil. It does not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or ingredients. Well roasted Robusta and Arabica coffee seeds are used. Offers an intense taste and smell of coffee.

In order to enjoy Stick Beverages:
1- Pour 212°F hot water in a 200 ml cup
2- Brew Stick Coffee for 3-5 minutes by occasionally stirring
3- After the Coffee has reached the color and taste you desire, you can take the stick out of the cup, or leave it in. No Drip, No Mess, No Spoon Needed!

Ingredients: 100% Coffee

Stick Beverages special packaging gives you a pleasant coffee experience with a great convenience.

No Artificial Color
No Artificial Flavor
No Preservatives
Gluten Free