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Trio Pack | KETOnuts

Trio Pack | KETOnuts

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Meet the KETOnut trio pack! A box containing three of our KETOnuts, full-sized and individually packaged (both stylishly and sustainably, always) for convenience to take out and about or, if you’re feeling generous, offer to another!

Choose any combination of three of our most popular flavours:

  • Original Vegan
  • Salted Karamel
  • Chok Hazelnut
  • Chok Orange
  • White Choc & Raspberry (Vegan)

All ingredients and macros for the individual flavours can be found on their individual product pages.

These KETOnuts can contain the following allergens: NUTS, DAIRY (Karamel), EGGS

They are gluten-free, refined sugar-free, dairy-free, keto, diabetic & coeliac friendly.