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White Chocolate Bar with Strawberries 75g

White Chocolate Bar with Strawberries 75g

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The newest addition to our little family of no added sugar confectionery is the tasty white chocolate with strawberry!!


 Sweetener(maltitol), cocoa butter, milk powder, inulin, freeze-dried strawberries (2%), emulsifier(sunflower lecithin).Aroma: strawberry and natural vanilla. May contain traces of nuts, sesame, and soya. Contains sugars naturally occurring. Cocoa content minimum 25%.


Energy (kcal/ kJ) per 100g


469 kcal –1941 kj

Fat (g)


31 g

of which saturates: (g)


19.5 g

Carbohydrate (g)


59 g

of which sugars (g)


10 g

of which polyols (g)


49 g

Fibre (g)


4 g

Protein (g)


6 g

Salt (g)


0.18 g