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Mr Tortilla

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Anthony and Ronald Alcazar, founders of Mr. Tortilla, embarked on a mission from their San Fernando, California roots to craft a healthy, affordable tortilla without compromising flavor.

Inspired by the homemade tortillas of their Hispanic heritage, these recent UCLA graduates aimed to replicate that cherished taste.

Their journey since 2012 has led to the creation of an exceptional product, with their traditional flour and low-carb tortillas gaining immense popularity. The low-carb version, in particular, has become a favorite in the low-carb/keto community, achieving the status of #1 best-selling tortilla on Amazon and propelling Mr. Tortilla to become one of Southern California's fastest-growing companies.

Driven by a passion to eliminate post-taco guilt, the Alcazar brothers have now introduced the world’s first 1 carb, 15 calorie taco tortilla, continuing their quest to revolutionize tacos for health-conscious enthusiasts everywhere.

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